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"Whether people first hear about the two kinds of perception and two kinds of judgment as children, high school students, parents or grandparents, the richer development of their own type can be a rewarding adventure for the rest of their lives."

–Isabel Myers


CAPT training programs include the MBTI® Certification Program, as well as applications of psychological type.

  Ethical Feedback of MBTI® Results  
  1. Give results directly to the respondent as part of an active discussion with a certified administrator. Never deliver results in impersonal ways such as through e-mail or mail.

  2. Present type results as a working hypothesis, a starting point for further exploration.

  3. Make it clear that the respondent is the expert; the only person who can verify which type fits best.

  4. Allow respondents to self-assess their preferences based on the introduction to type, prior to giving results of the Indicator.

  5. Do not become defensive if the respondent disagrees with the report results. Help the respondent explore his or her hesitations and identify a comfortable best-fit type.

  6. Provide descriptions of all sixteen types to help determine best-fit type. Recommend additional materials for further study.

  7. Do not counsel a person toward or away from a particular career, relationship, or activity based solely upon type information; type does not explain everything.

  8. Make it clear that the preference clarity indexes in the results do not imply excellence, competence, or maturity. They reflect only consistency in choosing one preference over another.

  9. Make sure the respondent sees the feedback session as the beginning of the process. Knowing one’s type is not a one-time understanding, but a guide to ongoing growth and development toward an individual’s potential.
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