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 MBTI® Type at Work  
   How personality type can help you work better with others and manage your own work.  
 Personality and Careers  
   The role of the MBTI® instrument in helping you choose careers and managing career change at every stage of life.  
 Type Use in the Professions  
   How personality type is used the major professions including law, medicine, education, engineering, management, sales and others.  
 Type and Learning  
   How MBTI type affects the way you learn best and how you approach teaching others.
Information about type use with children, adolescents and adults.
 Psychological Type and Relationships  
   Knowing your MBTI type and that of others in your life can help you appreciate and understand differences in relationships with friends, partners, and children.  
 Type in Personal Growth  
   Understanding of the MBTI can help you better recognize various stages of personal growth and development and offers you tools to navigate each one.  
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