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 Become Certified to Administer the MBTI® Tool  
   Why and how to become certified to deliver the instrument and provide beneficial feedback to groups and individuals.  
 MBTI® Certification Program  
   The MBTI® Certification Program is designed to equip you with the essential information and experience you need to begin using the MBTI assessments  
 Training Applications  
   Psychological type as it is used to help people grow professionally and help organizations be more effective.  
 MBTI® Master Practitioners  
   Those who choose to achieve this credential have passed the criteria for continuing education and advanced experience in using the MBTI instrument and psychological type.  
 MBTI® Step II™ Instrument  
   Learn about the twenty facets of MBTI type and how these can further shed light on the qualities that contribute to individual personality.  
 MBTI® Step III™ Instrument  
   The Step III instrument is designed for anyone who wants to increase awareness about the specific and unique ways they use type at home or at work. In-depth sessions with a trained Step III professional help people gain insight necessary for becoming more effective in the natural use of their type.  
 Versions of the MBTI® Questionnaire  
   What versions exist and why and when is each one appropriate?  
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