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"Whether people first hear about the two kinds of perception and two kinds of judgment as children, high school students, parents or grandparents, the richer development of their own type can be a rewarding adventure for the rest of their lives."

–Isabel Myers


CAPT training programs include the MBTI® Certification Program, as well as applications of psychological type.

  MBTI® Certification Program  

The MBTI® Certification Program is designed to equip you with the essential information and experience you need to begin using the MBTI assessments. Upon successful completion of the course you will be able to purchase and administer both MBTI Step I™ and Step II™ assessments.

The program prepares you to professionally and ethically administer and interpret the Myers-Briggs® assessment through highly interactive and experiential learning methods.

The four–day course curriculum includes:

  • An overview of the theory of psychological type
  • Exploration of the four dichotomous scales that result in the 16 personality types
  • Common applications of the MBTI instrument when working with both individuals and organizations
  • A skill-building session for giving basic type feedback
  • Experiential exercises to reinforce participant learning
  • Discussions of the ethical use of the Indicator

A list of current organizations that are authorized to provide the MBTI® Certification program in the USA is available at For a list of international distributors who offer the MBTI® Certification Program, visit the global section of the CPP website.

The MBTI® Step III™ Certification Program prepares practitioners to use the MBTI® Step III™ instrument.

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