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"The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed."
Carl Jung

Permission is required to reprint, modify, adapt, or translate the MBTI® instrument.

To submit a written request to The Myers-Briggs Company, contact to obtain the proper forms and fee schedule. Permission requests are processed on a first come first served basis and may take six to eight weeks to complete. Permissions granted by The Myers-Briggs Company carry a fee that is based on the quantity of modified, adapted, or translated copies required. In addition to a permission fee, all permission agreements are subject to a processing fee.

Including the MBTI® instrument in a published work (dissertation, book, article, etc.).

You may not include a copy of any of The Myers-Briggs Company's instruments in your thesis, dissertation, or other publication. However, you may include sample items if you first obtain permission from The Myers-Briggs Company. To request the appropriate forms to obtain permission to include sample items in your published work, contact . The Myers-Briggs Company has pre-selected sample items it provides for inclusion in theses, dissertations, and other publications. The practice of using sample items both allows you to use certain sample items while at the same time protecting The Myers-Briggs Company's intellectual property.

Using information from this website.

We do not give permission to copy or download materials from our website. However, if you use the information on our website as the basis for a summary or report that you write yourself, you do not need permission. We would appreciate having our website acknowledged as a source for information about the MBTI instrument, however. The Foundation website was created in 2003 and you would cite the source as:

The Myers & Briggs Foundation. (2014). xxx (name of whatever section you are referencing). Retrieved Month Day, Year, from of URL for section cited.

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