What We Do

As stewards of the legacy of Isabel Briggs Myers, the creator of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® instruments and system, our mission is to evolve her work towards a future full of people who extend the value of their own difference to an international family. We are part of a world-wide community of type enthusiasts, expert practitioners, and academic researchers.

Myers & Briggs Foundation is enthusiastic and open to all people interested in the value and impact of personality type and how it can improve our relationships, our work, and our organizations. As experts committed to the knowledgeable and ethical use of the MBTI® assessments, we educate practitioners in the MBTI Certification Program, and support rigorous research driven by curiosity, transparency, and the intent to evolve the theory and application of psychological type forward.

We strive to support people to live a better life.

  • Become certified to use the MBTI instruments in a professional capacity. Myers & Briggs Foundation is the exclusive administrator of the national certification program for the MBTI assessment, the most widely used personality assessment for professional and personal development in the world.
  • Certified MBTI practitioners can further their training and become a Master Practitioner, and individuals can find a practitioner at the MBTI Master Practitioner Referral Network.
  • Work with children, families, schools, and personality type as a certified facilitator through People Stripes®—helping families make the most of personality differences with the Murphy-Meisgeier Type Indicator for Children® instrument and system. Learn more about using type in the classroom, counseling, and in your family.
  • Discover the archetypes shaping your life story at Storywell®—home of the Pearson-Marr Archetype Indicator® assessment and system. The PMAI® system is based on Jungian archetype theory and is used in organizations, for professional development, and self-growth.
  • Learn how to leverage synergy to build great teams with the Klein Group Instrument® assessment at KGI Teams. The KGI® system is used in higher education, sports leadership and coaching, and organizations.
  • Apply for support for your research using the MBTI assessments to improve your corner of the world and to move our collective knowledge forward. Contact research@myersbriggs.org.

At Myers & Briggs Foundation, our work is about the power of self-awareness and the appreciation of our unique differences. We invite you to join us!