Who We Are

At Myers & Briggs Foundation, we go far beyond personality labels—our work is about the power of self-knowledge to better the world.

We don't deliver snapshots of introspection, but take a deep dive into self-discovery. We believe that individual differences should be celebrated, used to foster harmony, and build the future.

At heart, our work is about the power of self-awareness and the appreciation of our unique differences; it reaches across the conference table, the kitchen table, and continents. Decades of tireless research has wielded powerful insights and revelations into empowered ways of living in harmony, and with it, a moral duty; we are charged with the ethical application of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® assessment, and the depth of knowledge that accompanies it.

Our vision that self-knowledge can create a better future may seem impossible, but our founder is Isabel Briggs Myers, who in the 1940s set out to do the near impossible: create a personality assessment that could improve the world one person at a time.

Myers wanted us to know ourselves in depth by discovering and valuing our natural way. She dreamed we could live a life that captures our best self and fulfills our heart's desires. She built the MBTI® instrument, an assessment that changed how the world understands individual personality differences and how these differences can lead to deeper appreciation of one another. At Myers & Briggs Foundation, we carry her dream forward every day.

Our vision is a future full of people who value themselves and extend that value in celebration of others. Let's build it together.