All Types are Equally Valuable

All MBTI® preferences and types are equally valuable. The Myers-Briggs® system provides a positive framework and language for discussing differences in constructive ways. Each preference has gifts (strengths) and challenges (stretches). One is not any better than the other.

Each type brings an important point of view to relationships, personal and professional. Although each type approaches situations differently, and another person's approach may not be what you would choose, each way can be effective.

People who lack self-awareness often see their way of doing things as the "right" or "only" way. They may believe their type is better and have a bias towards and stereotype against different personalities.

For example, some personality types want schedules, plans, and a timeline to follow when meeting deadlines (Judging preference), whereas others are more open-ended, casual, and want to consider all options before completing a task (Perceiving preference). This preference pair tends to be the cause of many misunderstandings both at work and home, because without type awareness, they just don't get each other!

Type Awareness

With type awareness they can begin to see the value in all personality styles. Understanding and appreciating personality differences supports healthy relationships with improved communication, problem-solving, conflict resolution, acceptance of change, and stress management.

Knowing the strengths of each type can help shift biased thinking, but it isn't easy! Employees who prefer Judging may find the leadership style of a manager with a Perceiving preference to be chaotic and indecisive. On the other hand, employees with a preference for Perceiving may find a manager who prefers Judging to have a controlling and micromanaging leadership style. Awareness is a great first step towards understanding differences, better communication, and effective leadership.

MBTI type indicates a person's preference but not their ability or character. Personality type should be used as a way of understanding yourself and others, and for personal growth and development. Type awareness helps each of us to understand and appreciate personality differences. All types have something to offer because all types are valuable!