Hiring an MBTI® Consultant

Both individuals and organizations hire MBTI® consultants. Individuals tend to be interested in one-to-one sessions focused on personal and/or career development. Many organizations engage the services of external MBTI consultants to present psychological type and administer the assessment in their organizations as part of organizational improvement.

A good place to start is the MBTI Referral Network website, which allows you to search for MBTI Master Practitioners by a variety of parameters, including region, interest area, and clients served.

MBTI Master Practitioners differentiate themselves by adhering to the highest ethical and professional standards in both the theory and application of the MBTI assessment. They will have completed the MBTI Master Practitioner Program which requires that they advance their knowledge through continuing education and practical applications of the MBTI assessment. For more information on the MBTI Master Practitioner Credential Program, go to mbtimasterpractitioner.org.

Checklist for Hiring a Consultant

If you would like to hire an MBTI consultant, these are general guidelines to help ensure you get a high-quality, expert practitioner.

  • Verify that the consultant works with the official MBTI instrument

    There are many personality type questionnaires that are presented as the MBTI instrument or "just like" the MBTI instrument. If an instrument is not published by The Myers-Briggs Company, and is not called the MBTI instrument, then it may not be validated by the same extensive research.

  • Confirm that the consultant is a certified practitioner of the MBTI assessment

    A consultant who is certified to use the MBTI assessment has completed the MBTI Certification Program.

  • Check to see if the practitioner is listed on the MBTI Master Practitioner Referral Network

    The referral network is made up of professionals who have achieved the highest level of experience and expertise set forth by the MBTI Master Practitioner Credential Program. While a certified, expert, and high-quality MBTI practitioner may not be in the Referral Network, finding a practitioner in this network is a good indication of expertise.

  • Confirm that the consultant verifies your MBTI results in a best-fit feedback session

    A good practitioner presents type as a working hypothesis, a starting point for further exploration. Only the person who took the MBTI assessment can verify which type fits best. A verification session that produces a best-fit personality type is part of the ethical guidelines for using the MBTI instrument.