My MBTI® Personality Type

"It is up to each person to recognize his or her true preferences."
Isabel Briggs Myers
Hiring an MBTI® Consultant

Many organizations engage the services of external MBTI® consultants to present psychological type and administer the Indicator in their organizations as part of organizational improvement. You may wish to review guidelines and a checklist for assisting you in choosing an experienced and certified MBTI administrator.

A good place to start is the MBTI® Referral Network website, which allows you to search for MBTI® Master Practitioners by a variety of parameters, including region, interest area, and clients served.

MBTI® Master Practitioners differentiate themselves by having a commitment to the highest standards in both the theory and the application of the MBTI assessment. They complete the MBTI® Master Practitioner Program (website), which requires that they advance their knowledge through continuing education and practical applications of the MBTI assessment.

My MBTI Personality Type
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