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"It is up to each person to recognize his or her true preferences."
Isabel Briggs Myers
Certified Administrators

The MBTI® instrument is a complex assessment of personality type. It offers the respondent enormous benefits when understood and applied appropriately, accurately, and ethically. Guidelines for ethical use include allowing the respondent to choose his or her best-fit type.

The MBTI results are delivered as part of an explanation and dialogue with a certified practitioner. The practitioner training and MBTI® Certification Program covers tests and measurements, as well as type theory and terminology, type dynamics and development, guidelines for administration and interpretation, ethical guidelines, and hands-on delivery information. This training allows the person who administers the MBTI instrument to provide the following:

  • in-depth information about psychological type, terms, and meanings;
  • help assess whether the results are accurate for the respondent and clear up any ambiguity to reach a best-fit type;
  • an explanation of type tailored to the unique situation of the individual, which helps people see how type plays out in their lives and how it may be best used (and not used) in their circumstances; and
  • interpretation of the four-letter type on a deeper level as an overall pattern (type dynamics) rather than simply the sum of all the preferences.

To learn more about the MBTI® Certification program and to find out how to become certified, please go to MBTI® Certification Program.

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