Isabel Briggs Myers Memorial Library

The Isabel Briggs Myers Memorial Library is the largest collection of information and materials dedicated to the MBTI® instrument and personality type in the world. The library's holdings have been maintained since 1976, when the co-founder of the Center for Applications of Psychological Type, Mary McCaulley, Ph.D., started the main collection.

Today, we continue Dr. McCaulley's work by acquiring new materials and making them accessible to the type community globally. To date, the library has more than 8,000 articles, over 1,800 theses and dissertations, and more than 900 books on psychological type and related topics, as well as periodicals, conferences, and more.

We welcome your feedback and questions. Contact the librarian with your comments by sending an email to library@myersbriggs.org.

Mary & Isabel's Library Online MILO®

Mary & Isabel's Library Online MILO® catalog is your guide to books, articles, theses, and more on psychological type and the MBTI instrument within the Isabel Briggs Myers Memorial Library.

The MILO catalog is the official archive of the Journal of Psychological Type®, Typeface, the magazine of the British Association for Psychological Type, and the Bulletin of Psychological Type. We are adding new materials all the time!

The MILO catalog makes it easier for researchers and students everywhere to access our collection. Many items are available for download, but for others you will need a MILO Account. With an account, you can obtain materials using the [Reserve] button in the item's description. The librarian will process your reservation and contact you via email.

To create an account, send the Librarian your full name, location (city and state or country), and your preferred email to library@myersbriggs.org.

PDFs provided by the Isabel Briggs Myers Memorial Library are research copies only and are not to be duplicated. Our policy is to provide access to research documents for free. Certain documents may have an additional fee depending upon the processing involved.

Journal of Psychological Type®

The Journal of Psychological Type® was an international publication, founded in 1977, and the premiere journal for research, theory, and applications in the field of psychological type until 2015. Today, the Journal publishes an annual Research Digest that summarizes selected research published in academic, peer-reviewed journals from the previous year, with the MBTI instruments.

Through MILO you can find all previous editions of the Journal of Psychological Type from 1977 to 2015, in addition to past publications from the British Association of Psychological Type (BAPT) and TypeFace.

Journal of Psychological Type® Research Digest

Since 2016, the Research team has published the Journal of Psychological Type® Research Digest annually. The Research Digest vets, selects, and summarizes relevant studies using the official MBTI instrument published in academic journals nationally and internationally. In addition, the Editor offers book reviews of new and important publications in psychological type. You can access the Research Digest here.