Become MBTI® Certified

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) assessment is a restricted psychological instrument which requires specific qualifications to administer it to others. A practitioner must be trained in the use and interpretation of the instrument by taking and passing the MBTI Certification Program. [Note: Professionals with specific educational qualifications can be qualified to administer the instrument. See more information on the MBTI Certification site.]

What to Expect

The MBTI Certification Program is designed to equip a practitioner with the essential information and experience needed to begin using the MBTI assessment, competently and ethically. Upon successful completion of the course, a practitioner will be able to purchase and administer both the MBTI Step I and Step II instruments.

In addition to ensuring the ethical and accurate use of the MBTI assessment, such training also provides the practitioner with methods and knowledge for assisting clients in understanding MBTI results and applying them personally and professionally.

Myers & Briggs Foundation is the exclusive provider of the public MBTI Certification Program in the USA. Sign up today!