MBTI® Guide to Permissions and Trademarks

The Myers-Briggs Company has been the exclusive world-wide publisher of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® instruments and supporting materials since 1975. As publisher of the instrument, The Myers-Briggs Company provides guidelines on use of trademarks, gives permission for reprints, modifications, adaptations, or translations of the MBTI® instrument, and distributes the assessment internationally. For information on international distributors and use of the MBTI instrument go to The Myers-Briggs Company website.

Permission to Reprint, Modify, Adapt, or Translate the MBTI Instrument

The MBTI instrument may not be reproduced without written permission from the publisher. To request permission to reprint, modify, adapt, or translate the MBTI instrument, contact The Myers-Briggs Company Permissions Coordinator.

Permission is required if you desire to include the MBTI instrument items in a published work, such as a dissertation or theses or study results. Sample items for publication, that allow you to give examples of the instrument while protecting intellectual property, can be requested from The Myers-Briggs Company.

Trademark Guidelines for the MBTI Instrument

Myers & Briggs Foundation holds the copyright and trademarks for the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator instruments. Trademarks are registered symbols, words, titles, and other identifying marks that represent unique products and intellectual property, such as the MBTI instrument and materials.

There are specific guidelines on how to use trademarks when writing about the MBTI assessment or system in publications. Guidelines are also provided by The Myers-Briggs Company on their website.

  • The Circle-R symbol ® identifies a trademark that has been formally registered by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. It is used when the mark identifies the product or services for which the mark has been registered. The symbol should be placed in the upper right-hand corner of the trademark.
  • Always use the trademark as an adjective, accompanied by an appropriate noun. Never use a trademark as a noun. Examples: We administer the MBTI instrument. We use the MBTI assessment.
  • For the trademark symbol use the circle R ® whenever possible, but if it is not available, use parentheses (R).
    • On a website use the symbol at the most prominent use (usually the header) and again on first use in the copy, and then every time on each web page in which the trademark is used.
    • On printed materials use the symbol at the most prominent use (usually the header), and again on the first occurrence in the copy.
    • In publications use the symbol with the first occurrence of each trademark in the Table of Contents, the headlines, and on the first occurrence in every article where the trademark is used.
  • Always use an appropriate trademark acknowledgement. A trademark acknowledgement alerts the readers to the ownership of the trademark.
  • MBTI Trademark Acknowledgement Statement:

    Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, Myers-Briggs, MBTI, Step I, Step II, Step III, the MBTI logo, and The Myers-Briggs Company logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Myers & Briggs Foundation in the United States and other countries.

    • Use the acknowledgement in printed material. The acknowledgement should appear as a footnote, and in multiple page documents, on the last page of the document.
    • Use the acknowledgement in websites.
    • Note Step I, Step II, Step III use the TM symbol
    • Note MBTI©, Myers-Briggs©, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator© use the circle R symbol
  • Always use the trademark in the way that it was intended to be used. Do not alter the trademark in any way. Do not parody the trademark or portray it in a negative way.
  • Use of MBTI trademarks must only refer to genuine MBTI products and services. The only way to obtain an MBTI personality type assessment and results is by using the official MBTI instrument.