Master Practitioners

While becoming MBTI® certified is a required first step to administering the assessment, many practitioners wish to seek the designation of MBTI Master Practitioner, which allows them to have their ongoing training and professional experience officially approved. This special designation is valuable to those who wish to promote their expertise and knowledge in the business and educational fields.

MBTI Master Practitioners are held to higher standards that include additional education and practical experience. This designation offers the public a way of distinguishing the skill level of the practitioner. Prerequisites for entering the MBTI Master Practitioner Credential Program include first achieving MBTI Certification.

If you are MBTI certified and interested in becoming a Master Practitioner, please visit www.mbtimasterpractitioner.org.

Master Practitioner Referral Network

The MBTI Master Practitioner Referral Network is a one-stop clearing house to search for and contact a Master Practitioner who has committed themselves to advanced education and expertise in their knowledge and use of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® instruments.

To find an MBTI Master Practitioner, go to mbtireferralnetwork.org. To learn more about guidelines for choosing an MBTI consultant, go to Hiring an MBTI Consultant.